The new Louis Vuitton store at Tumon Bay occupies a privileged spot at the prow of an ensemble of luxury boutiques and high-end hotels. The design integrates ornamental play with the technical requirements imposed by construction in a tropical climate and an earthquake zone. This opens up an opportunity to explore how a building’s skin system can become the essential determinant of built form. Thus, in accordance with environmental regulations, the brand monogram is reconfigured to constitute for the first time the exterior envelope of a Louis Vuitton store. This envelope puts into relation two material registers. At the base, a glass ribbon flickers between transparency and reflection according to a complex configuration of superimposed silkscreen checkerboard patterns. The display cases and access points are incorporated without rupturing the continuous smooth surface. Above, a ribbon of artificial stone, at once massive and airy, is a reinterpretation of the brand monogram as a continuous repetitive pattern. The stone ribbon, composed of industrially hewn panels is affixed by a system of stiffeners and clips to resist typhoons. The effect is both unitary and variable. The sunlight vibrates within the stone incisions. Inside and outside are brought together through large bays in which the relief motif pierces the stone. Dense and pulsating on the outside, inside the skin dematerialises and opens to offer up delicately fractured views. These large stone bays protect the store from typhoons, while by day filtering the tropical sunlight and casting intricate shadows within the store, and come nightfall projecting the ornamental motif out into the dark, onto the street. The LV monogram is at the heart of the collective imagination of the Louis Vuitton brand. This architectural interpretation explores the relationships between envelope, skin and clothing in both a visual and a tactile manner. Here the signature stamp takes on new form that at once signifies and shelters, setting the stage for an ongoing research into the interaction of light and shadow.