Laguarda Low


VIORO is a reinvention of the modem department store, occupying a comersite atthe busiest intersection in Fukuoka's high-end commercial street. Two levels below ground linked to subway and subterranean shopping passages andsix levelsabove provide venues for a hipyoung shopping culture inthe Tenjin area. The6 aboveground levels of articulated interlocking boxes turn themodem department store inside out, reinterpreting normally blank facades in glass andtightgraphic treatments. t.arge scale boxes andfolded planes tumthecomer andoverlap horizontal surfaces andarefurther broken down in display lighlboxes on every level, floating within larger forms anddrawing interest from pedestrians well below Facade articulationsrelale directly to the functions behind which cover manyconsumer needs of the youngcitydweller, from an urban deli10 basic andcasual clothing 10 healthy andbeauty related to the citylifestyle, culminating in finedining at a rooftop terrace overlooking thecommercial district. Avariety of intricate steel meshes, pallerned stones, andilluminated glazed surfaces addweightto theargument of changing lhe way department stores'fit' within thecontemporary city.