Laguarda Low

Pangyo Dome

This project for the commercial heart of the new city of Pangyo has two goals: to provide a world class entertainment and retail district for the booming urban area, and to create a memorable visual identity for the city. The dramatic structure of the Pangyo Dome proposes an unashamedly new, modern heart for the city. The Dome is a physically interlocking device, a series of public uses woven into a web that formally integrates the surrounding building units into a structural whole. Included are seven levels of retail and entertainment podium, as well as a series of semi-independent office buildings of varying heights, and a hotel and service apartments. The ground plane of the Dome is a designed as a continuous plaza garden, laid out in the form of a distinct cruciform that links all areas of the project. Here, the green corridors proposed by the city are brought through the project together with a series of water forms, bridges, gardens, and plazas. A series of vast parks link together the entire development, containing relaxing and refreshing green areas for entertainment and amenities. The formal strength implied by the scale and singular visual power of the unifying dome is complemented by the soft forms of the buildings, expressed both in shape and materiality. The exoskeletal roof is punctuated by voids, carved and formed as if by a river, creating eroded shapes. The idea of these voids symbolically smoothed over time by constant flow express the public in-and-out flow of the new civic center.