Laguarda Low

Nube Madrid

The name ‘Nube’ (cloud), refers to the floating form of this structure, but also acts as a metaphor for its function and quality of space. Nube acts as a vessel for ideas, providing nourishment to the citizens of Madrid via an ever-changing cycle of expositions. The continuous landscape plan is as a base supporting both banquet and exhibition space, from which visitors rise up into the ‘clouds’ of the auditoriums. The three floating auditoriums are held lightly above the exhibition hall and are designed for the utmost flexibility. The first auditorium can be transformed into banquet hall and includes an extension tray to achieve a greater maximum capacity. Images projected with LED technology, showcasing the changing activities of the complex. will be projected onto the raised building surface, creating a dynamic, interactive façade. The exhibition hall is formed of a series of long, narrow modules, allowing for an open and diaphanous space that is flexible and sub-dividable, while retaining the ability to be united into a single auditorium for large audiences. This level also acts as the mezzanine zone between the banquet hall and the auditoriums. Running along the west side of the exhibition room is a terrace for concessions and outdoor entertainment. The balcony enjoys majestic views of the surrounding sequence of parks.