Laguarda Low

Light & Sie Art Gallery

Located in the heart of the design district in Dallas, Texas, this art gallery is part of a new revitalization of the district, where many art curators and companies are acquiring existing industrial facilities and transforming them into art galleries. Around 13,000 square feet, this project respects the architectural vernacular of the existing industrial elements with little touches transforming it into an art gallery. The existing loading dock entrance is transformed into an icon, penetrating the main exhibition hall and acting as an upward ramp in order to reach the four feet difference between the street level and the level inside. The ramp space is half glass, half metal, and announces to the visitor what is waiting inside. The main gallery is painted all white with epoxy paint, and the ceiling is perforated, creating some skylights and giving natural light to the hall. Adjacent to the exhibition hall is an auxiliary gallery which holds audio visual art. In the back of the site, facing the alley, is the curator’s office and conference facilities, along with a couple of view rooms. A large storage room is located on the west of the site as well.