Laguarda Low

Dostyk center

The centerpiece of the Dostyk Center is the steel and glass curtain that arches over the building. The design was conceived as an ‘architectural veil,’ an idea inspired from Kazakh textiles. Constructed against a series of angular, 90-degree wood fins, the ‘veil’ shields the building’s east and west façades during the peak hours of solar gain. In the upper parts of the arch above the tower block’s roofline sit a number of wind turbines that generate an alternative source of energy. Situated in a prime location, Dostyk Center is poised as a future icon in the city’s collection of dramatic venues. The central veiled tower is internally connected to two supporting towers to the south. Despite the veiling, the vast glass-enclosed interior spaces allow sunlight to flood the interior. The two remaining towers are within the same family of buildings but distinctly different. They are stalwart, angular, stone clad anchors that lend strength and security to the composition as well as functionally solve the problem of the site’s slope. With the central tower, they form an entry plaza that gives the project a defined center while allowing all three entities to maintain strong identities.