Carlos Ott + Ponce de León

TCS-Siruseri Techo Park

Number one software engineering TCS will implement a spectacular technology park on a 28 000 hectares plot in Chennai, to the SE of India and only 2 km away from the Indic Ocean. Being India a fantastic country and Tata a first line company, this is a sophisticated, first generation project, an incredible large scale architectural opportunity. The industrial park will host over 20 000 workers around magnificent artificial lakes. The high temperatures of Chennai will be mitigated by the existence of the artificial stream that links the lakes. Both the presence of water and canopies along the road on the stream bank, where the commercial area will be located, provide freshness. The road links the two lakes and is covered with a majestic canopy that allows the breeze flow while stopping the sun rays. Emblematic and modern, yet respectful since it has water treatment, water recycle, maximization of natural ventilation, minimization of fossil combustibles. Around 300 of the workers will be guests and therefore the park offers entertainment, a theatre, a club house, and gym. The design will cover architecture, urbanism and interior design and equipment. The workers will enjoy open spaces and views so as to develop his creativity and imagination. It will undoubtedly become a company emblem, and furthermore a space to develop fellowship and dialogue between workers in order to obtain best results.